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◆Company Name    LLC Feel Free Consulting

1 Support for going international of Japanese company
(Regarding, country, entity, law, tax, marketing, etc)

2 Support for business in Japan of foreign company
(Discussion and advise of entity, law, tax, marketing, etc.)

*both can include the
back-office tasks

◆Representative Officer  Kinichi Ichikawa

 Higashitenma 2-6-7 Higashi-ichigokan 9F, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan Map
 Tel: +81-90-5138-3639
 Mail: ichikawa@feel-free.biz  *You can contact by Request Form!


It is our work to make the desire sure.

You can not do advance ahead though you want to do something.
By any chance there might be a problem of the border of a language, overseas knowledge, human resource, the law and the tax, etc.

We support you to break through such a problem.

We hope it will be good if your Wants are achieved in a free feeling more.